TotalDECOM Virtual Mini Conference

Advance Manufacturing Across the Decommissioning Sectors:

Sharing Best Practices

29th September 2020


An integral part of the TotalDECOM concept has always been to share best practices and innovations across the energy sectors. While our primary focus is decommissioning, we feel that Advanced Manufacturing falls within the interests of our community, as the innovations of today will shape the decom landscape of the future.

As such, we are delighted to announce a virtual mini conference showcasing innovative advanced manufacturing solutions across all sectors. Each of which demonstrate the key elements of improving flexibility, increasing manufacturing output, decreasing time to market and improving lifelong reliability.  This event will include presentations from the Renewables, Nuclear and Oil & Gas Sectors.


While the world of networking has been turned upside down, TotalDECOM has moved to provide a range of virtual alternatives to our traditional events, with the view of keeping your businesses in contact and sharing opportunities.  As such this event will follow the model of our “in person” mini events, as close as possible. With the traditional 4 four presentations including Q & A sessions and the ever popular 1 to 1 sessions.

Speaker Profiles - more to be confirmed

John Coughlan

Chief Executive Officer at TSP Engineering
John joined TSP Engineering in 2014 with overall responsibility for driving strategy, operations and continuous business improvement. He possesses a significant record of delivering operational improvements, efficiencies and customer satisfaction across Europe, ASIA, North America and Mexico, with an ability to quickly understand the mission, vision and values of a customer focused organisation. He’s previously held senior non-executive and executive positions in many organisations (Aerly Bird Transglogal, UpRight, Celestica, Dianorm Teo) as well being appointed to a range of senior committees, enterprise boards and liaison groups. John was named UK Manufacturing Champions Manufacturing Leader in December 2016 and was named one of the most inspiring Manufacturing Leaders in 2018. Last, John was crowned Businessperson of the Year for the in-Cumbria Awards.