Phil Toomey, Sellafield. ROVs in Legacy Ponds at Sellafield

delivered by
Phil Toomey,
ROV Innovation Team Leader
Sellafield Limited

The development of ROV’s is beginning to have major impact on decommissioning projects in all sectors. The ability to remotely access difficult and dangerous areas without the use of personnel has clear safety benefits. Phil presents the history and development of ROV’s and their use in Legacy Ponds at Sellafield. He will discuss current limitations and future needs and how the supply chain can have a direct impact on Sellafield’s decommissioning activity.


  • Strategy and Procurement
  • Make v Buy
  • Development of ROV’s
  • ROV’s in Use
  • ROVs for the future
  • Self contained launch station
  • Sludge Recovery ROVs
  • Tracked ROVs
  • Review of ROV Operability

Which Job Functions will find this webinar useful ?

Project Management, Waste Management, Business Development, Health & Safety, Engineering, Environment, Quality, Supply Chain

Sector Relevance

Decommissioning, Nuclear, Offshore, Waste, Process, Demolition, Environmental Services

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