TotalDECOM has been working in support of a cross-industry initiative led by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Oil & Gas Authority, National Nuclear Laboratory and the Environment Agency among others.  The initiative aims to stimulate engagement between various industry sectors to share decommissioning learnings and good practice.

A number of cross-industry workshops / roundtables have been held to date, comprising leaders and decision-makers from the nuclear, oil &gas, defence, utilities & rail industries.  The learnings shared at each workshop are written-up at length and are freely available at the links below.  These provide significant insights into the thinking of leaders from across government, authorities, regulators, institutes, operators, the supply chain, academia, trade and industry associations.

Workshops have focussed on particular themes of common interest to these industries, summarized at this link, including; project management; commercial models; supply chain; technical innovation; attracting talent & building capability; net zero & environmental sustainability; late life asset management; sustainable regional economies; policy & regulation; standards; and cost & schedule.

Some of the workshops have been followed by webinars to elaborate on the findings, which are also available at the links.  The programme of engagement events continues – please contact TotalDECOM if you wish to become involved.

Read the  Latest Cross-Industry Themes of Common Interest document for more information:

Read the latest Learnings report from the series here


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