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Rotech Subsea is the global leader in Controlled Flow Excavation (CFE) technology, delivering trenching, de-burial & backfilling solutions worldwide to the Oil & Gas and Energy Sectors, using the latest range of patented RS equipment. For over two decades we have pioneered the development of cutting-edge subsea excavation technology. Dedication to innovation has seen Rotech continually evolve and enhance our specialised equipment to meet demand and deliver for the needs of many major clients in the subsea oil & gas and energy sectors.
As a result, Rotech’s engineering teams have designed the latest range of RS tools with more power and many improved features delivering an enhanced jet profile, improved performance and safety, higher velocities, greater control and precision, improved stability and higher cutting capabilities.

The Rotech group of companies are unique in that we are the only Subsea Excavation & Trenching company that Design, Manufacture and Operate our own equipment. we do not build equipment for anyone else. Innovate, Fabricate & Operate.

Key Products/Services:

Subsea Excavation & Trenching Services.

Rotech House, Whitemyres Avenue, Aberdeen, United Kingdom AB16 6HQ
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Phone: 01224 698698

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