Cross Industry Skills Workshop Report


This was the first cross-industry workshop (part of a series) held using a virtual webinar platform.

The workshop revealed several sub-themes that are shared in common between industries, and it was beneficial to learn how challenges were being addressed by both the nuclear and oil & gas sectors’ representative organisations. For example, both sectors have;

  •  an ageing workforce;
  • a need to plan for additional skills development as each sector considers how to capitalise on the impact of the new digital age;
  • common need to attract a new, more diversified workforce in an increasingly competitive engineering biased market.

At a previous workshop led by the NDA, NSSG and NSAN in January 2020, it was understood that the workers of tomorrow, graduates and apprentices etc., may have different expectations from employers and employment, and will need to be skilled in using new and innovative technology and services.


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