Governance and Assurance Workshop Report


This workshop, held virtually over three sessions on 2, 3 and 4 March 2021, explored a number of key themes relating to the practice and value of assurance (both positive and negative) across a range of industries and stakeholders. It forms part of the ongoing commitment of the NDA to the promotion of cross-industry learning and best practice, and was organized and facilitated as a collaboration between the NDA and its  assurance partner, Grant Thornton.

The event brought an invited group of over thirty delegates and contributors together to exchange insights, foresight and perspectives on four assurance-focused themes:

  • What motivates projects and programmes to withhold bad news, and how can assurance best respond?
  • How assurance can address scope maturity and optimism bias
  • Maturing and evolving the traditional ‘Three Lines’ model to add value and insight
  • Measuring the impact and effectiveness of assurance in large and complex organisations


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