TotalDECOM donation to WeeeCharity

In the decommissioning industry, environmental protection is of upmost importance, and TotalDECOM is dedicated to being as green as possible. That’s why, in our latest venture, we have donated our old technology to WeeeCharity to be recycled.

The charity aims to protect and preserve the environment through the recycling of electrical waste to reduce the amount that ends up in landfill through waste reduction, repair, refurbishing and resale.  WeeeCharity is also promotes inclusivity, training underemployed volunteers with learning difficulties and disabilities. The volunteers learn useful skills in a safe working environment, preparing them for future employment.

WeeeCharity provides an easy and responsible way to dispose of old and end of life electrical items. Most orders and collected within 5 working days and the service is completely free of charge. Millions of pounds worth of electrical waste is sent to landfill each year, and even when equipment becomes redundant it can still hold value. The charity acquires this lost value and generates income from it, passing that money on to help relieve deprication and poverty across the UK.

It is illegal to send WeeeWaste to landfill. By law it is your corporate responsibility to dispose of WeeeWaste correctly, therefore donating to WeeeChairty also abides by the Weee Regulations Act of 2013.

If you would like to donate any electrical items, you can find more information here.

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