TotalDECOM Networking Tips

TotalDECOM specialises in networking events for the decommissioning sector, and it is only fair we ensure delegates are prepared for our events so that you can get the most out of your investment.

There are selections of tips and tricks that will prepare you for any networking event.

  1. Be yourself. Networking events are meant to start new relationships. Don’t try to be the person you think others want to meet. Be genuine. The people you connect with when you are authentic are the ones you’ll want to stay in touch with.
  2. Set expectations. When attending an event, understand why you are there. Is your goal to meet five new people? Is it to meet one or two specific people? These are all reasonable expectations and it takes a little pre-planning to set these goals.
  3. Take notes. When you ask for someone's card after having a great conversation, take notes on their business card after they walk away or immediately after the event. This will help you to be more specific in your follow-up.
  4. Introduce yourself to the organizer. A great way to get to know more about an organization and who is involved is to seek out the event organizer and introduce yourself. They can then help point you in the right direction and can introduce you to other attendees to get you off on the right foot.
  5. Do NOT "work the room." Don't try to meet as many people as possible in a room; focus on making just a few solid connections. People can sense when you’re simply speaking with them to grab their card and go. These short interactions will not be memorable and therefore work against you. Aim to meet a few people and begin a meaningful dialogue.

We hope these tips will be useful at our TotalDECOM: International Conference – London, where high-level delegates will connect and collaborate across sectors.

Call 01229 400209 to secure your place or book online here.

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