The NDA workshops hosted by, Karl Sanderson, Head of Cross sector Learning for the NDA have sprung from a commitment from David Peattie, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Nils Cohrs, Head of Decommissioning, Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) at TotalDECOM's 2018 flagship event to look at Cross Sector opportunities to help solve complex decommissioning problems across the sectors.

The workshops are to be held all over the UK, involving a specially selected audience they each represent a vertical cross section of Authorities, Operators and Regulators. Each workshop is then written up and the findings will be made available. Karl has together with the help of TotalDECOM held a webinar on 'Technical Innovations', and he will follow this up with another on 'Cost & Schedule' in October.

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