Free Webinar: Karl Sanderson, NDA. Sharing Good Practices – Cross Industry Engagement

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Tuesday 28 April 2020. 11.00am – 12.00pm
delivered by Karl Sanderson, NDA.

A great investment has been made over the last 18 months in the sharing of decommissioning lessons learned, in a programme of engagements sponsored by the nuclear and oil & gas industries, and also involving defence, utilities, rail and renewable energy.  Karl Sanderson, Head of Cross-Industry Learning at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority will launch in this webinar a new publication summarising the learnings to date, and announce a programme of forthcoming events.

 The webinar will present an overview of the key decommissioning learnings captured so far, and describe where further details are available.  This webinar is the first in a series that will dive into more detail on decommissioning themes as varied as; technical innovation; cost & schedule; commercial models; supply chain; project management; late-life asset management; standards; innovation & regulation.

Download the presentation files:

Click the links below to download the presentation and the PDF file that Karl used in the webinar.

200428 Cross-Industry Webinar Presentation

200428 Themes of Common Interest Document

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