TotalDecom Technical Requirements

All we require from you as a presenter is to send us your presentation slides in document form and then separately record yourself delivering your presentation straight to camera. We require verbal prompts for the next slide as such as: “next slide”. TotalDECOM will personally record your slides to fit with your verbal prompts and put these together as your full video.
When your will be the majority of the screen and your camera recording in the bottom right hand corner. So when you are making your slides please take the spacing into account.

Here is some technical requirements to help you with your recording:
1.) Please ensure you have a plain background
2.) Please be dressed in suitable business wear
3.) Make sure your lighting is appropriate so viewers clearly see you
4.) Speak clearly and not too fast
5.) Please address your presentation to camera unless you need to check notes
6.) Remember to give verbal prompts for your next slide
7.) Please make sure you stick to your allotted amount of time to allow time for your Q and A
8.) Please ensure there is no background noise
If you need any help please respond directly to India on [email protected] and we'll get back to you

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