ESA – Decommissioning of energy assets powered by space

Introduction to the ESA planned Invitation to Tender on decommissioning of energy assets

Decommissioning of energy assets powered by space

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Giulia Manzetti, Space Solutions Department at the European Space Agency (ESA) & Davide Coppola, Project Manager & Business Developer at the European Space Agency (ESA) will deliver a presentation covering:

What can space do to support the decommissioning of energy assets?
The Space Solutions department of the European Space Agency supports the development, implementation and pilot operations of downstream space-based services. These applications utilise data from existing space assets, such as Satellite Communication, Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation, in combination with terrestrial technologies, to deliver sustainable services for the benefit of user communities.
ESA offer includes financial support, technical and business expertise, as well as network and partnership building.
ESA Space Solutions intends to launch a new Invitation to Tender, to assess the technical feasibility and commercial viability of satellite-based services in support of decommissioning of energy assets. Any resulting studies are also intended to establish the roadmap for service implementation through follow-on demonstration projects.



Giulia Manzetti joined ESA in 2017 and she has been working as a Technical Officer in the Space Solutions department. Prior to this, she gained some work experience in a nanosatellite company and in Lamborghini. She holds a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering and a post-academic master's in Space Institutions and Policies.


Davide Coppola has been working at the European Space Agency Space Solutions since 2007. He has a long-standing experience as Project Manager and he has been in charge of more than 30 projects in various domains, including Energy, Health, Maritime & Offshore, Safety & Security, etc., lately with focus on renewable energy, smart grids and breakthrough technologies.

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