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Cost and schedule overruns for decommissioning projects, partially or wholly funded by public finance, continue to be a major concern. Increasing costs across the nuclear estate in particular are occurring in a context where HM Government is challenging both the nuclear and oil & gas sectors to reduce provisions by 20% and 35% respectively.

Are there differences between the nuclear and oil & gas liabilities that make one easier to estimate and control than the other? What are the contributory factors that we can ascertain from actual examples of cost and schedule outcomes? What can we learn from openly sharing both failure and success case studies, and what take-aways are there to help address this issue moving forward? The NDA ran a workshop on the 2nd July, to an invited, representative audience, providing a range of perspectives from across industry and HM Government, in an environment that was sufficiently broad but also sized in a way to enable full, uninhibited discussion.

This webinar will reveal the key findings from this workshop with plenty of time for Questions & Answers with Karl Sanderson.

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Delivered by Karl Sanderson, NDA on Thursday 12 September 2019.

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