Nigel Evans, Wood plc. The Challenges of Sludges in the Nuclear Industry

The Challenges of Sludges in the Nuclear Industry Sponsored by Nuclear Engineering International

delivered by

Nigel Evans

Head of Profession – Chemistry and Materials

Wood plc


How do these sludges arise?
Deliberately produced eg settled flocs from processing Corrosion product as a consequence of being stored underwater

What is peculiar about them?
Very wide range of properties, often in one location, hard to access, hard to retrieve.

Who are the stakeholders?
Waste producers, waste process team, waste management, ONR, EA, NDA, RWM Ltd, LLWR

The proposed lifecycle for nuclear sludges from cradle to grave
Sample, characterise, trials, retrieve, process, store and dispose.
With comments on the interdependencies between stages, the long timescales, the regulatory stages and the potential pitfalls.

Leaving Euratom and the Safeguards regime.  Safeguards is the audit and inventory process that ensures that civil nuclear material and military stocks are separate and accounted for.

Which Job Functions will find this webinar useful ?
Project Management, Waste Management, Business Development, Health & Safety, Engineering, Environment, Quality, Supply Chain

Sector Relevance
Decommissioning, Nuclear, Offshore, Waste, Process, Demolition

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