Webinar: DESIGN FOR DECOMMISSIONING: A Multifaceted Challenge

Webinar: DESIGN FOR DECOMMISSIONING: A Multifaceted Challenge

Held April 2021

During early days of the nuclear industry, when time was of the essence, the overriding priority was to get facilities up and running as quickly as possible. Understandably, what would happen at the end of their days wasn’t too high on the agenda. Since then, however, experience has taught us that such an approach is costly and unsustainable. Of course, many other industries have discovered exactly the same thing and as consequence Design for Decommissioning (D4D) has entered the vocabulary and indeed our working practices. Having said that, in the grand scheme of things D4D is still in its infancy so, as with other sectors, we are all searching for ways to up our game.

For the nuclear industry, D4D is further complicated by the presence of radiation and contamination and by timescales often measured in generations. As a result, it must be tackled on multiple fronts, all jockeying for position and demanding constant, decades-long, coordination. This webinar will attempt to join up nuclear’s D4D dots and point to a more sustainable way forward.



Bill Collum
independent nuclear engineering consultant

Bill Collum is an independent nuclear engineering consultant and author of the book, Nuclear Facilities: A Designer’s Guide. He began his nuclear career over 35 years ago with the former BNFL (now Sellafield Ltd). During his time there he established the Layout Centre of Excellence and developed the processes and procedures used by the company to layout new nuclear facilities, starting from the point of a blank sheet and through to a frozen scheme. Throughout his career Bill has championed the requirement to embed design for decommissioning (D4D) into proposals for all new nuclear facilities. In addition to giving presentations on the subject, both around the UK and overseas, he has written an extensive article on D4D for the industry magazine, Nuclear Future; his paper on D4D is held on the IAEA’s TecDoc Database, and his book covers the subject in considerable detail.

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