Webinar: Late Life Asset management- Martin Grey, NDA

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Webinar Overview:

Managing the final phases of an asset’s life to optimise its productivity whilst maintaining its integrity and preparing it for decommissioning. Efficient overlapping of late operations and onset of decommissioning; minimizing duration of warm stacking; managing trade-offs between OPEX and ABEX; cultural change and leadership during transition.

Presenter Bio:

Martin is NDA’s Asset Management Specialist working collaboratively across the UK businesses and sites. As a Major Projects Authority Gateway Medium Risk Review Team Leader and High Risk Reviewer he has evaluated a range of programmes within Highways, Government, House of Lords, Defence and Education.

Martin has been leading the UK Civil Nuclear Sector drive to improve the strategic management of assets for the last 10 years to enable the decommissioning of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Facilities.  That has involved, from inception, collaborating with other industry sectors and safety and environmental regulators to identify and share good practice to the benefit of NDA and its businesses.

Having working in the nuclear sector since leaving school Martin has held a number of technical and management roles including oversight of the safe management of the Sellafield Complex in West Cumbria. Working from NDA has included oversight of £100M’s contracts and assurance of subcontracting consistent with Cabinet Office requirements. Sustained success has been achieved through implementing a programme based change management approach.

Martin is Chair of the Cumbria Branch of The Institute of Asset Management.

Martin has a Manufacturing Systems Engineering Master Degree from Warwick and is a Graduate of the Institute of Physics.

Martin likes to keep fit, is a keen runner competing at distances from 5k to marathon and enjoys watching Rugby Union.


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