Webinar: Nixor Solutions – Simply Enabling Decommissioning Delivery

Simply Enabling Decommissioning Delivery

This webinar was held on Tuesday 5 May 2020 and was delivered by David Herington, CEO at Nixor Solutions.

Complex Projects, in general, can be difficult to deliver on-time and to budget and Decommissioning Projects present their own challenges, often in inhospitable environments. The current Coronavirus pandemic presents new challenges and people will be looking to recover programmes & increase productivity after we have all pulled together and got through it successfully.

Many Companies are prepared to invest in Engineering Technology to help deliver challenging projects but sometimes undervalue other opportunities that could make their people more productive and help embrace ‘Learning from Experience’ from job to job and project to project.

NIXOR Solutions were first involved with TotalDECOM at Expo2019 and we believe their simple, innovative and user-friendly capability can help all sectors deliver Decommissioning Projects more reliably & predictably, whilst improving productivity and reducing cost. Their capability is proven and ready to go ‘out of the box.’

In this Webinar NIXOR’s CEO, David Herington, will explain how they can help you:-
• use technology to engage your people more effectively
• expedite task & process completion for faster delivery
• log losses to support lean continuous improvement activities
• improve ‘spanner-time’ and enable better use of the working day
• drive real-time visualisation of task & process status

and he will give you insight into how they uniquely provide prediction of task & process completion.

The Webinar will include a simple demonstration of how their innovative Fast Pass®

& Instant Insights® capabilities work.

If you’ve got, or expect to have, challenges:-
• delivering reliably and predictably or forecasting delivery
• accurately understanding the ‘time-now’ status of your end to end processes
• improving resource utilisation, eg on multi-trade, multi-function, inter-organisational activities at remote (from supervisory/parent work team) work faces
• learning from experience and driving continuous improvement
• embedding and holding the gains, long-term, from improvement/transformation work

or simply want to predict task, process and project completion better and be able to intervene earlier when things are going wrong then this webinar will be of value to you.


Nixor Solutions

David is a Naval architect and Chartered engineer with broad sector experience in defence, automotive, software, printing, fast moving consumer goods and manufacturing. He began his career building submarines for BAE Systems and Cammell Lairds, and at 28 was Project Manager for the UK Nuclear Submarine programme. David worked as a consultant for PE International undertaking assignments for Allied Dunbar, GKN, British Rail and AE Turbine Components. Following a period in printing and packaging he worked in tier 1 automotive supply to Jaguar, Land Rover, Honda, Mini and Toyota and implemented lean manufacturing across 3 sites. David then became involved with the internet, e-commerce and software development. In 2009 he established his first business, Etail Systems, and in 2016 started Nixor Solutions using his unique experience in engineering, lean manufacturing, project management and software development to create the Lean Process Framework. David has successfully implemented change programmes including process improvement and re-engineering, lead time reduction, JIT processing, cost reduction, systems development and systems implementation. People have always been the focus of these change programmes and David has achieved behavioural and cultural change in organisations large and small.

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