The Impact of Covid-19 on Energy and Decommissioning

Tuesday 11 August 2020
11am – 12pm

Andrew Sneddon, Director at Struan Energy will discuss "Covid-19 v the Oil and Gas Industry"

William Roberts, Director at Decommology will discuss "IMPACTS AND IMPLICATIONS of the pandemic on energy markets and decommissioning"

Struan Energy

Andrew is Managing Director of Struan Energy and an executive director of a company developing innovative non-carbon power technology. Andrew has worked in a number of different positions in the upstream oil and gas industry including academia as well as Mobil North Sea, Halliburton URS and AECOM providing consultancy and management services such as decommissioning to the E&P Industry. He founded Struan Energy Exploration and Production, acquiring two exploration licences and Clean Water Systems Limited providing engineering solutions for offshore production. Dr. Sneddon was a Director and Vice-Chair for the decom trade association, Decom North Sea until recently and has worked in: Azerbaijan, Dubai, Equatorial Guinea, Faeroes, Greece, Ireland, India, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Trinidad, USA, UK, Vietnam.


Managing Director at Decommology - Audit Committee Chair at Marine Management Organisation - Chair of the ICAEW Energy and Natural Resources Community - International Board level experience in Energy, Environment and Infrastructure in UK, US, Europe and Emerging Markets - Founder Director and former CFO of the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, the UK's 100Bn clean-up programme